Garden and Pool

Garden & Pool Construction Services

Garden Design & Landscaping

The design you choose for your gardens and grounds is no less critical than the design of your house, and Garden & Landscaping Services Mallorca is ready to help you achieve the landscape of your dreams.

Our designers will work with you to develop a plan that reflects your unique vision and works in harmony with the natural contours of your property. Whether you’re thinking of flower beds, stone walls, orchards, greenhouses or water features, our garden design team will bring your ideas to fruition. Rooftop and containers gardens are a fabulous way to add some greenery to your townhouse. We can also beautify your commercial property, whether it’s a design for an interior courtyard or creatively arranged potted plants in an office space.

When the design is final, our construction crew will set to work, moving and supplying earth and stone, ensuring proper drainage and slope protection, building walls and fountains, and planting the lawn, flowers and trees you’ve selected.

Our garden team works with Mallorca’s finest nurseries, so whether you’re looking to landscape with the island’s native species or to create a garden of exotics, give us a call. We’ll be happy to visit your property and help you to make it greener.

Swimming Pool Design & Construction

We can design & create your bespoke swimming pool – from the cost effective to the ‘elaborate’, our team of professional pool constructors will exceed your expectations.

We provide the full spectrum of swimming pool services – from outdoor pools of any shape and size to indoor spa’s with jacuzzi and hot tubs.

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Drives, Pathways & Patios

The entrance is your property’s opening statement – it’s the first thing your guests see when they arrive. Let us help you design or enhance your driveways, paths, terraces and patio to make that statement in your own personal style. Our team of professional designers and skilled tradesmen will give you the entrance features that will best suit your home and offer a welcoming feeling to all who come.

Garden & Terrace Furniture

Designing landscape, gardens and terraces can be the hardest part of perfecting your Mallorcan home. The island’s idyllic climate is one of its greatest attractions, and you no doubt want to spend a good amount of your time outdoors. With our knowledge and carefully planned construction, we can turn the gardenyou’ve dreamt of into a reality, with seating that is practical, comfortable and durable. How about a pergola, gazebo, or arbour to give your garden a touch of elegance and shade? Whatever your needs, and whatever the materials, our talented designers and builders will make your garden one of the most inviting areas of your home.

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