Key bathroom trends for 2021

The bathroom of any home is no longer the old and tired place it used to be. People have been looking at having ‘spa-like’ features in a bathroom now and it is one of the key rooms checked out when people are buying a property. Here are a few of the key trends for bathroom style in 2021:

Full Marble Walls

Adding a real touch of elegance, full marble walls add unique style. A dramatic black marble backsplash shows the power of using marble slab, creating visual dimension, and contrasts the pale marble for graphic impact. Colour combinations are endless here.

Multifunctional Enclosures

How beautiful is this? The rationale for the glassed-in space is simple: it stays warm and cozy, so getting out of the tub is never jarring. This wet room also offers double showers, meaning there is never any waiting. It also makes the room look timeless and very stylish.

Bringing the outdoors in

In Spain this has long been the case with other parts of a property and in some luxury properties this is a key feature to enhance relaxation. Dress with plants and let natural light flow in.

Tubs all the way

A freestanding tub is once again more common amongst luxury properties but wherever you live freeing your tub to become a centrepiece for bathroom is practical as well as elegant. Tubs come in so many shapes, sizes and colours to your bathing space can be unique to you.

Home Spas

Who would say no to this? With lockdown in place we need to make the most of our home life and this is one area that would be used by many a spa-lover.

Colour is back

Ceramics have advanced so now there is no need to stick to standard white. It you are feeling creative in your space colour is one of the key bathrooms trends of 2021 whether that is sanitary ware, bold wallpaper, bright walls or a combination of all of these.

If you are thinking of updating your bathing space then contact us. We are well versed in converting any space into something special.


British set their eye on Spanish property post Brexit

The number of Britons seeking a second home in Spain soared in the first week of January as more families cast their sights to the European country amid the lockdown property experts said, post Brexit.

The real estate company Taylor Wimpey Espana found that interest in Spanish properties rose by 39 per cent during the first week of 2021 when compared to the first week the year before despite post-Brexit travel restrictions. It also showed that German interest was also rising.

They also reported a surge of buyers using virtual tours across many site including Mallorca. Even post Brexit when restrictions mean holiday home owners will only be able to spend 3 months in Spain without a visa.

Even with all these restrictions in place it isn’t stopping peoples hopes and dreams of travel and warm Spanish sun being available to them again soon. Owning a holiday home on Mallorca is the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of life.

Here there are so many beautiful places to reside and the climate means you can enjoy more of the things you love whether that is golf, cycling, hiking, walking or sailing. Dining alfresco is the norm and the wonderful array of beachside restaurants and bars means you will never tire of choosing a new place to dine.

The capital, Palma is a feast for the senses with excellent shopping facilities, art galleries and museums to tour. Mallorca simply has such a wide selection of wonderful things to do, it really is a slice of heaven in the Mediterranean.

Whether you are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment overlooking a marina or a villa up on a hill, there’s a superb selection available here. Many people love the idea of retiring to Spain but enjoying every aspect of it might mean investing in a holiday home before then. Enjoy the journey and have fun searching for your new home in the sun. Our sister company Lifestyle Properties is on hand to help you if you need advice on some of the best places to buy.

cycling in mallorca

Cycling in Mallorca

Mallorca has long been a place for cyclists to enjoy due to the fabulous climate and mixed terrain so you can enjoy a day in the mountains or flatter terrain depending on your experience level and likes. Cycling in Mallorca offers so much to both the seasoned cyclist and a beginner.

You can explore beautiful villages, coastal roads and of course lose yourself in the stunning Traumaunta Mountains. Whether you are new to cycling or a real enthusiast our stunning island is simply made for exploring. Spend some time cycling, then stop somewhere for lunch or coffee and cake and enjoy some stunning views.

If you’d like to time your visit to coincide with an event, then check out the Mallorca 312 sportive. This epic sportive is an annual affair which takes place in April each year with the 2021 race booked for 24th April. Initially, it circumnavigated the coastline – but the route has since been changed to allow for closed roads. You can ride 312km or 167km, and this event sees the island pretty much taken over by cyclists.

In March and May, maximum temperatures vary from 17 to 22°C, then 23-19°C in October and November. Weather is the deciding factor for many a cyclist. You can choose to bring your own bike with your or there are plenty of places on the island to hire bikes and relevant equipment. Bear in mind clothing wise that if you are heading into the mountains you may need warmer clothes or a least layers.

The vast majority of cyclists set up camp in the Northern coastal towns of Port de Pollença and Alcudia. The key attraction of this area is that it sits close to the edge of the Tramuntana Mountains. An alternative base is Port Soller, which is a little further down the coast line. The busy town can provide plenty of restaurants and a more energetic evening vibe but it is an uphill cycle out of the bay.

Cycling is taken seriously here but even as a beginner there are some good flat routes for you to take. If you need help with any places to stay or local information then we can help you.




new kitchen

What would your new kitchen look like?

If you are tired of putting your turkey into the same old oven and your kitchen is looking just as dreary, have you considered what your new kitchen would look like?

Ignore the walls, corners and current space and dream. For us it would be a modern spacious family kitchen diner. There would be beautiful grey units with plenty of storage and a central breakfast bar where the family could come together.

Team this with the latest tech in the form of cooking and refrigeration and some stunning wall and floor tiles and you have our idea of a dream kitchen. What is yours though?

There is so much to choose from and your kitchen update may just be updating the cabinetry and tiling. It may just be a splash of paint, but we encourage you to dream big with the kitchen space as it is the heart of any home, the place people congregate and the one area top of any new buyers list.

A bespoke kitchen is also the top of many people’s wish list. Be individual and consider how functional you need the space to be. Classy kitchens these days are so aesthetically pleasing and can be more of a design feature in any home in Mallorca.

Here it is all about how you use the space. When families are allowed to come together once again this is the place they will be and here is perfect if that kitchen/diner/family room opens up seamlessly into your outside space. Fabulous for the summer and for balmy autumnal days too. Have you considered a skylight or opening up an area to let more light in?

If you are currently in an older property that sections off rooms it would probably benefit from an extension or a reform. Our experience in this area means we can manage all of this for you when you are not in the country. Our multi-lingual team are here to ensure any building project is managed from end to end without you needing to be on site.

So if your’e kitchen could do with a facelift, contact us today.

property in mallorca

How to get a bigger property in Mallorca without moving

You can be very clever when you are trying to make your property in Mallorca bigger without moving. Here are a few tips but one of our favourite is to reconfigure your space with a little building work. It may seem like a big thing but with our expertise it really will make a difference to the way you live.

Whether it is to create a new home office which after this year many of us need. Or opening up a tired and outdated property by combining a kitchen, living and dining area into a stunning modern open plan space. Your property in Mallorca can be turned into the home of your dreams without moving.

Bring the outside inside

If you have a large window or a beautiful view from your living area bring the colours of the outside landscape into your room, matching them in furnishings and décor. This will create a unified look to your room and expand the look of the space.

Make the lighting right

Natural light is the ultimate way of making a space look bigger. It opens up the room, adding character, creating different drop shadows and bringing a sense of freshness.

It’s not always possible to use the power of natural light, but ‘layered’ artificial lighting is an ideal way to create a feeling of space. Choosing wall lights saves floor footage. Opening up a space by removing walls is another great idea and one we have experience of.

Open plan living

Removing as many doors as possible within your house will give you an open plan living space that increases the sense of space and creates a free-flowing living environment. Just doors may not be enough. Adding a wall of light with bifold doors would be a great way of doing this.

Furniture choices

Adding something like a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf not only saves space but creates a focal point and tricks the eye into expanding the room by pushing the walls and ceiling out. Multi-functional furniture pieces like settles, ottomans and storage seats are perfect ways to hide away clutter. Any space-saving furniture is great. Things like stacking chairs or wheeled tables that can be pushed to where they are needed help de-clutter and provide more space.

An oversized mirror or sets of mirrors allude to space and add extra light into a room. Always avoid unnecessary frills! Ruffles on furniture and window treatments make a room seem busy. Stick to simple panels and lines to create a spacious effect.

Colour creates space

Using cool colours like a sky blue makes the walls visually recede. Even one focal wall of a cool colour can make a room seem bigger. Light, fresh colours and neutral tones make a space expand. They also create a blank background for artwork and patterned furniture so the overall effect is not busy or over-complicated.

Link adjacent rooms together using colour. This helps gives a linear flow to the decor of the house giving the impression of a bigger space. Whether you live in an apartment, bungalow, or house, use these clever tricks and make your home feel more like a mansion.

If you are looking for more space in your property in Mallorca then contact us and we will come and talk through what your wish list is. Our experience may be able to offer suggestions you have not considered.

property in mallorca

Does your property in Mallorca need a facelift?

This year we have all been spending more time at home and this means all those niggling little things around the home you want to change become more obvious. So does your property in Mallorca need a facelift?

Now we understand that some of you have donned your overalls and got on with those jobs and indeed become more green fingered over this long year, but who hasn’t? Has life not slowed down at all for you in lockdown? Or more importantly have you not been able to get over to enjoy your second home here in Mallorca?

This is actually the case for a lot of people. Looking around your property in Mallorca right now what needs the most attention? Is a simple decorating job enough to give your property a facelift?

Problems sometimes go deeper than that. Have you been putting up with that tired old kitchen for too long or are those drab bathroom tiles ruining your relaxing bath times. If you don’t have the time or skills to fix these kinds of property related jobs yourself then it can be a real cause of stress.

Have no fear dear clients as the team here at Lifestyle are available to make that real difference to your home right now. We can manage full scale property renovations from a kitchen refurb to property extensions. Because our team is multi skilled we can take care of every aspect of the job from planning to clearing away rubbish and cleaning too. Because we are experts in Mallorca we can also manage projects whilst you are not here.

As we approach the New Year, one we are all ready for, what are your plans?

What would you change?

If you are thinking of moving why not put together a list of pros and cons. Think about the changes that could be made within your property to turn it into your dream home.

Do you need more space? Is your home working for your family right now? Does your home need modernisation? Drill down further and list the jobs that need doing. It may not be as costly as you think to create a home that really works for you and your family.

Contact us today for a quote.

December in Mallorca

If you ever wondered what December in Mallorca is like we would have to say beautiful. The island has mild winters that make it a great place for a winter escape, and you’ll find that the amount of rain’s reducing after the wetter autumn.

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearics and is quite mountainous, which means there’s different weather across the island. You’ll be warmest and driest in the south because of north westerly winds, and breezes will keep you cool on the coast along with the local embat wind.

The average high in here in December is 17ºC, so it’s still lovely and mild and perfect for getting out mountain biking, walking and of course for a game of golf. Things can get quite chilly in the evenings though as it cools to 8ºC so remember to to bring something warm.

The peace and quiet this time of the year makes this a fabulous place to live. With the busy tourist season over you can enjoy the best parts of the island in relative isolation. When you live here perhaps any other year than the one we have just had, you will find this is the perfect place for family.

After the restrictions of 2020 we are sure you are all looking forward to your next trip away. Pamper yourself on a spa break, take a wine tour or explore the markets and museums. Just walking on a beach is a real tonic so start planning your trip for 2021.

Mallorca is the perfect place to live or have a second home. Property is stunning, the island has so much to do and boasts simply stunning scenery.

What does your dream home in Mallorca look like?

People have been coming to Mallorca for many years for its fabulous climate, laid back lifestyle and stunning properties. So what does your dream home in Mallorca look like?

How many bedrooms would you like and what location? The dream of many is that stunning sea view and Mallorca boasts so many properties with this selling point. Though some of the property may be in a beautiful location it might not meet the standards of being your dream home in the sun. That is ok though as we can make those dreams a reality with a full property reform.

The trend now is for open plan living with seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces. Some of the older properties were not built in that style but with our expertise of the local climate and planning laws we could remodel an existing home quite easily.

Our expertise means the swimming pool area and outside space could be made into a stunning multi-functional space. Added extras such as a chill out area or bar could be accommodated too. Going back to the house – what is your wish list? Areas of light and space and somewhere cool to sit on those hot summer days and evenings? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Quite often luxury homes feature a basement area where wine cellars, games rooms, spa facilities, office, cinema room located.

Your dream home in Mallorca looks like it is taking shape now. How about the family areas of kitchen, living room and dining? Are they open plan and flow or would you prefer separation? Kitchen designs can be bespoke and tailored to personal colour and style choices.

If this is inspiring you to buy a property here of remodel your current property then take a look at some examples of our work here on the island. Contact us for a quote and our professional and friendly team will be there to manage your project from start to finish even if you are located in another country.

5 things to do at home during isolation

Wherever you are in the world, no doubt you are feeling some effects from COVID-19. Here in Spain we are on lockdown and stay at home to help lessen the spread of the virus. As we are scheduled to be at home now for a little longer on this beautiful island perhaps creating a routine during isolation wouldn’t be so bad.


Whether you have a dog and can get out in the fresh air for a short time or not. There are plenty of online providers now offering daily lessens. Joe Wicks, The Body Coach and indeed Mr Motivator are offering daily classes to benefit both adults and children. Get those endorphins flowing. Meditation is an excellent way to zone out from the negativity and children can even get involved in this too. Yoga and pilates are great ways to stretch and keep yourself in good shape.


If you are a fabulous cook then dust off those cookbooks and try new dishes with fresh local ingredients. Use those store cupboard staples and see how creative you can be making dishes that can be portioned and frozen. If you have little ones in the house why not spend a morning baking and an afternoon sampling the delights of your efforts.

Explore the world from home

Lots of museums are setting up their exhibits online, so we can still get our arts and culture fixes from the confines of our homes. Here’s a look inside the Met!

Learn a new skill

Have you always thought about learning Spanish or Mandarin? Perhaps now is the time to devote an hour or two a day to make your brain work. Whether you are still working from home or need to find something to do, it is important to use our brain and develop some new talent whilst doing so. Download a language app like Memrise or Duolingo and start practicing. Or, if you’re not interested in learning a new language, sign up for another kind of online class.

Volunteer Virtually

There are lots of communities to support right now, and though we can’t necessarily provide relief or comfort with our physical presence, we can certainly contribute what we can. That may be registering to be one of the people that talks to someone elderly and alone during this isolation. Online communities have risen dramatically over recent weeks and it is good to think you are doing something positive for someone else.

Of course, you could spend a few hours exploring the fabulous properties here on and choosing your favourites. Letting the mind wander is an excellent way to relax during this isolation period. Or you could plan your home refurbishment.

Stay safe out there.



Positives of self-isolating in Mallorca

Yes as heard in all the news reports worldwide, here in Mallorca we are on lockdown as is the whole of Spain, but as we are relaxing and working by the pool it got us thinking about the positives of self-isolating in Mallorca. Most of us have never had to deal with anything like the Corona Virus pandemic in our lifetimes and with so much negativity out there, let’s lighten the mood.

The weather

The climate is one of the main reasons buy homes here and whilst you are on lockdown you can relax on a balcony or terrace with a fantastic view of the countryside, golf course or Mediterranean life isn’t so bad. Whether you love the sunshine or not, it is something that lifts your spirits even in the darkest of moments. If you have a private pool, then working, sunbathing and a dip in the pool could be a typical day. What is not to like about that?


In everyday life you may be too busy to be a part of your local community. During a time of crisis people are coming together and helping each other out. It is heart-warming to see more mobile people helping those less fortunate or in one of the high-risk groups. Like Italy, Spain is a very social place and to be isolated will not dampen the spirits of those singing on balconies or doing group exercise whilst socially distancing. If you don’t have a community surrounding you, there is sure to be one online.

Be adventurous

Your normality may have been taken away, so why not use this time to be more adventurous? The rise in online choirs has been phenomenal. You may not be able to get out but the sense of being amongst those that share your love of song is a powerful antidote to feeling isolated. If you are a person of routine, now is the perfect time to try something new. Learn a new language, do an online course, write letters to old friends or practice yoga. Perhaps the whole family, or whoever you are isolating with could both try something new.

Eat, drink and be merry

Here in Mallorca, being social is part of the culture. Dining out and enjoying the local fayre is one of the great pleasures. Although you may only be allowed out singularly you can still delight in the wonderful colours and flavours of delicious wines and tapas. Make a real effort in putting together tasty nutritious foods of the region and enjoy the company of whoever you are sharing your isolation with.

This is the perfect time to dream about your future. What plans do you have in place to make the most of your life. Wherever you are in the world, have you dreamt about owning property in Mallorca? This is the time to put those plans into action. Do you want a beachside apartment in Portals Nous or a luxury villa with a pool? You may be living here in Mallorca and thinking of how your property could be improved. Let us help you make those dreams into reality. We are still working here in the sun, so contact us today with your property requirements. Self-isolating in Mallorca isn’t so bad at all.