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What would your new kitchen look like?

If you are tired of putting your turkey into the same old oven and your kitchen is looking just as dreary, have you considered what your new kitchen would look like?

Ignore the walls, corners and current space and dream. For us it would be a modern spacious family kitchen diner. There would be beautiful grey units with plenty of storage and a central breakfast bar where the family could come together.

Team this with the latest tech in the form of cooking and refrigeration and some stunning wall and floor tiles and you have our idea of a dream kitchen. What is yours though?

There is so much to choose from and your kitchen update may just be updating the cabinetry and tiling. It may just be a splash of paint, but we encourage you to dream big with the kitchen space as it is the heart of any home, the place people congregate and the one area top of any new buyers list.

A bespoke kitchen is also the top of many people’s wish list. Be individual and consider how functional you need the space to be. Classy kitchens these days are so aesthetically pleasing and can be more of a design feature in any home in Mallorca.

Here it is all about how you use the space. When families are allowed to come together once again this is the place they will be and here is perfect if that kitchen/diner/family room opens up seamlessly into your outside space. Fabulous for the summer and for balmy autumnal days too. Have you considered a skylight or opening up an area to let more light in?

If you are currently in an older property that sections off rooms it would probably benefit from an extension or a reform. Our experience in this area means we can manage all of this for you when you are not in the country. Our multi-lingual team are here to ensure any building project is managed from end to end without you needing to be on site.

So if your’e kitchen could do with a facelift, contact us today.

property in mallorca

How to get a bigger property in Mallorca without moving

You can be very clever when you are trying to make your property in Mallorca bigger without moving. Here are a few tips but one of our favourite is to reconfigure your space with a little building work. It may seem like a big thing but with our expertise it really will make a difference to the way you live.

Whether it is to create a new home office which after this year many of us need. Or opening up a tired and outdated property by combining a kitchen, living and dining area into a stunning modern open plan space. Your property in Mallorca can be turned into the home of your dreams without moving.

Bring the outside inside

If you have a large window or a beautiful view from your living area bring the colours of the outside landscape into your room, matching them in furnishings and décor. This will create a unified look to your room and expand the look of the space.

Make the lighting right

Natural light is the ultimate way of making a space look bigger. It opens up the room, adding character, creating different drop shadows and bringing a sense of freshness.

It’s not always possible to use the power of natural light, but ‘layered’ artificial lighting is an ideal way to create a feeling of space. Choosing wall lights saves floor footage. Opening up a space by removing walls is another great idea and one we have experience of.

Open plan living

Removing as many doors as possible within your house will give you an open plan living space that increases the sense of space and creates a free-flowing living environment. Just doors may not be enough. Adding a wall of light with bifold doors would be a great way of doing this.

Furniture choices

Adding something like a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf not only saves space but creates a focal point and tricks the eye into expanding the room by pushing the walls and ceiling out. Multi-functional furniture pieces like settles, ottomans and storage seats are perfect ways to hide away clutter. Any space-saving furniture is great. Things like stacking chairs or wheeled tables that can be pushed to where they are needed help de-clutter and provide more space.

An oversized mirror or sets of mirrors allude to space and add extra light into a room. Always avoid unnecessary frills! Ruffles on furniture and window treatments make a room seem busy. Stick to simple panels and lines to create a spacious effect.

Colour creates space

Using cool colours like a sky blue makes the walls visually recede. Even one focal wall of a cool colour can make a room seem bigger. Light, fresh colours and neutral tones make a space expand. They also create a blank background for artwork and patterned furniture so the overall effect is not busy or over-complicated.

Link adjacent rooms together using colour. This helps gives a linear flow to the decor of the house giving the impression of a bigger space. Whether you live in an apartment, bungalow, or house, use these clever tricks and make your home feel more like a mansion.

If you are looking for more space in your property in Mallorca then contact us and we will come and talk through what your wish list is. Our experience may be able to offer suggestions you have not considered.

What does your dream home in Mallorca look like?

People have been coming to Mallorca for many years for its fabulous climate, laid back lifestyle and stunning properties. So what does your dream home in Mallorca look like?

How many bedrooms would you like and what location? The dream of many is that stunning sea view and Mallorca boasts so many properties with this selling point. Though some of the property may be in a beautiful location it might not meet the standards of being your dream home in the sun. That is ok though as we can make those dreams a reality with a full property reform.

The trend now is for open plan living with seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces. Some of the older properties were not built in that style but with our expertise of the local climate and planning laws we could remodel an existing home quite easily.

Our expertise means the swimming pool area and outside space could be made into a stunning multi-functional space. Added extras such as a chill out area or bar could be accommodated too. Going back to the house – what is your wish list? Areas of light and space and somewhere cool to sit on those hot summer days and evenings? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Quite often luxury homes feature a basement area where wine cellars, games rooms, spa facilities, office, cinema room located.

Your dream home in Mallorca looks like it is taking shape now. How about the family areas of kitchen, living room and dining? Are they open plan and flow or would you prefer separation? Kitchen designs can be bespoke and tailored to personal colour and style choices.

If this is inspiring you to buy a property here of remodel your current property then take a look at some examples of our work here on the island. Contact us for a quote and our professional and friendly team will be there to manage your project from start to finish even if you are located in another country.

Build or buy?

When you have a property in Mallorca and there are a few things you’d like to improve, is it best to build or buy? Looking for a new property can be costly and time consuming, and there are probably many things you already love about your current property. It is best to weigh up the pros and cons.

Benefits of a Reform

If you choose to reform your property, this can be as big or small as your imagination. Often clients update a kitchen or a bathroom, then there are those that choose much bigger reforms, knocking down walls and creating different spaces. Older properties benefit from a fabulous location but may need bringing up to date. If you want more space from extra bedrooms to creating an open plan living area this entails planning permissions that we can handle. Our expertise in this field means we can create plans to reflect your dreams. In a society where it is better to recycle than throw away, why not look at your current property and imagine how it can be transformed.

Benefits of buying new

Most of the properties available around the island for sale do have many luxury aspects to them, but if you buy and older property there may still be changes you’ll want. There aren’t too many ‘new builds’ around the island but there is plenty of luxury property. In terms of luxury property, the trend has been though on Mediterranean living with large open plan shared spaces with seamlessly integrated indoor/outdoor spaces. Luxury property comes with wine cellar, cinema rooms, spa facilities or open plan gaming areas. Basements traditionally house these.

It is all about weighing up the pros and cons of buying a new property or reforming the one you have. Here in Mallorca we are experts in handling reforms and our sister company Lifestyle Properties sell luxury Mallorcan property, so we are a one stop shop for all your property requirements.

With over 25 years’ experience of property reforms on the island Lifestyle Building Solutions offer a professional and reliable service to our valued customers. We provide a full spectrum of building services – from kitchen reforms right through to complete property construction. All our work is carried out to the highest standards by our team of qualified and experienced builders and contractors.

Why now is a good time to buy in Mallorca


Spain and particularly Mallorca has been a popular place to buy a second home or relocate to for many years. It has an enticing mix of friendly people, luxury resorts and stunning and ever-changing countryside where you can enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. In fact, here are three great reasons why now is a good time to buy in Mallorca.

Spain has been a top holiday destination for over 10 years
Mainly for this reason, if you purchase a property in Mallorca as an investment you are guaranteed an excellent return on investment. The rise in popularity of sites like Airbnb means great apartments and stylish villas are more popular to book than hotels. Mallorca has been the place to see and be seen for decades and tourists come here not just for the climate alone. Visitors can never be stuck for things to here as there are fabulous championship golf courses, up-market marinas and the great outdoor lifestyle means cycling, sailing, walking, hiking and horse riding are popular.

Around 300 sunny days a year
Mallorca enjoys around 300 days of sunshine a year and this means being outdoors year-round is a real possibility. This is a real beach holiday destination and so you can be assured of rentals for a good portion of the season. Long hot summer days are when tourists tend to book in the main, but during the temperate spring and winter seasons visitors often love to trade the icy winters of the UK and other parts of Europe for the milder days in Mallorca.

Fabulous property prices
One thing that is currently making the Mallorca an attractive proposition are property prices. They are rising but have not yet peaked meaning that now is a great time to buy before any further de-valuing of the pound. If you haven’t taken a look at what your euros can get within your budget click here. We have a fantastic selection of properties on the island and these cater for everyone’s budget. Whether you are a seasoned property investor looking for a luxury villa in Andratx or someone looking to buy an apartment in chic Palma, we can help you find the property that works for your budget and lifestyle. Our expertise will help you through the buying process so you’ll be the owner of your new Spanish home in no time at all.

Call us on: +34 971 675 035



Making your £ work for you


With the unsettling political situation in the UK making the £/euro exchange rate unsteady, this is the time to think about buying your property in Mallorca. With refreshed hopes on the horizon for a Brexit deal the exchange rate has risen to almost 1:14 today and though it certainly isn’t the lowest the exchange rate has been over recent months, it could tumble over coming weeks depending on the outcome of Brexit.
The property market here in Mallorca is buoyant and there continues to be some really great deals on off-plan property, so if you are looking at a way to pay for your property in set stages, this is probably the best option for you. This way you can pay a smaller deposit whilst the £/Euro rate is lower and hope then that the unsettling times stabilise.

If you are in a position to either get a mortgage or are a cash buyer looking to buy outright, then picking up a key ready property in a stunning location could be done fairly quickly ensuring you get good value. If you are an investment buyer looking to let out property and earn an income then your investment could start paying for itself in no time at all as visitors to the island remain high.

This is no wonder with a fabulous climate and superb range of outdoor pursuits to fill the time of a holidaymaker. Championship golf courses, great beaches, fine dining and amazing shopping facilities make Mallorca a lovely destination. Couple that with beautiful countryside and chic Palma that begs to be explored and you have an instant recipe for holiday success.

If you are looking to retire here then finding that fabulous villa overlooking the sea or a great little apartment on a golf course won’t be too difficult. Talk to us today about some of the fabulous property deals we have on the market and how to lock in an exchange rate.

Mallorca in the Autumn

We all know what a delightful island Mallorca is during the popular summer months, but what does the lovely offer during the quieter cooler months? For one thing Palma. The capital is the perfect place to explore on foot with leafy promenades flanked by clothing stores, cafes and charcuterie shops.

For a taste of history and culture the Museu Fundación Juan March, is a museum celebrating Spanish artists like Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Juan Gris, and Salvador Dalí. The museum is free to visit, and housed in a grand 17th-century building worth seeing for its own beauty, not to mention the precious artwork it holds. Other Palma sightseeing highlights include stopping by its many churches, like the Santa María Cathedral and Sant Francesco Church.

You can enjoy some of the best restaurants in town without queuing for a table and head down to the Bay of Palma to enjoy the sights.

Of course, one of the nicest reasons to visit Palma in these cooler months are the designer shops. It is the perfect time to top up your Christmas gift list keeping cool whilst you do it.

Take a day trip to Deià, only 45-minutes away from Palma by car. It is a beautiful village that attracts stars of all magnitudes from its enchanting position surrounded by the Tramuntana mountains. Stars that have enjoyed relaxing breaks here include Beyonce, Harry Styles, Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Hanks and Gwyneth Paltrow. There is an arty culture here but it’s not a place for tourism, really a hidden gem. There are some charming eateries and even if it’s chilly, walking the glistening coastline will bring on some amazing photo opportunities.

Of course, this time of year is ideal for getting out into the fresh air so you could be hiking in the mountains, cycle around some stunning villages or improve your swing on one of the golf courses.

Autumn heading into Winter is a great time to enjoy the delights of our lovely island. It is also the ideal time to look for property. Whether you are thinking of moving here permanently or buying a holiday home, our team at Lifestyle Properties are here to help.

How To Build A Construction Plan

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The housing industry has proceeded at a red-hot pace for several years running. An all-time record was set in 1998, when 886,000 new-site single family homes were sold. That represented a 10% gain from the robust total of 804,000 homes sold in 1997, and an 8.1% rise from the prior record of 819,000 units in 1977. Single-family housing construction accounted for $48 million of the total $125 million generated in the industry.

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