Does your property in Mallorca need a facelift?

property in mallorca

This year we have all been spending more time at home and this means all those niggling little things around the home you want to change become more obvious. So does your property in Mallorca need a facelift?

Now we understand that some of you have donned your overalls and got on with those jobs and indeed become more green fingered over this long year, but who hasn’t? Has life not slowed down at all for you in lockdown? Or more importantly have you not been able to get over to enjoy your second home here in Mallorca?

This is actually the case for a lot of people. Looking around your property in Mallorca right now what needs the most attention? Is a simple decorating job enough to give your property a facelift?

Problems sometimes go deeper than that. Have you been putting up with that tired old kitchen for too long or are those drab bathroom tiles ruining your relaxing bath times. If you don’t have the time or skills to fix these kinds of property related jobs yourself then it can be a real cause of stress.

Have no fear dear clients as the team here at Lifestyle are available to make that real difference to your home right now. We can manage full scale property renovations from a kitchen refurb to property extensions. Because our team is multi skilled we can take care of every aspect of the job from planning to clearing away rubbish and cleaning too. Because we are experts in Mallorca we can also manage projects whilst you are not here.

As we approach the New Year, one we are all ready for, what are your plans?

What would you change?

If you are thinking of moving why not put together a list of pros and cons. Think about the changes that could be made within your property to turn it into your dream home.

Do you need more space? Is your home working for your family right now? Does your home need modernisation? Drill down further and list the jobs that need doing. It may not be as costly as you think to create a home that really works for you and your family.

Contact us today for a quote.

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