How to get a bigger property in Mallorca without moving

property in mallorca

You can be very clever when you are trying to make your property in Mallorca bigger without moving. Here are a few tips but one of our favourite is to reconfigure your space with a little building work. It may seem like a big thing but with our expertise it really will make a difference to the way you live.

Whether it is to create a new home office which after this year many of us need. Or opening up a tired and outdated property by combining a kitchen, living and dining area into a stunning modern open plan space. Your property in Mallorca can be turned into the home of your dreams without moving.

Bring the outside inside

If you have a large window or a beautiful view from your living area bring the colours of the outside landscape into your room, matching them in furnishings and décor. This will create a unified look to your room and expand the look of the space.

Make the lighting right

Natural light is the ultimate way of making a space look bigger. It opens up the room, adding character, creating different drop shadows and bringing a sense of freshness.

It’s not always possible to use the power of natural light, but ‘layered’ artificial lighting is an ideal way to create a feeling of space. Choosing wall lights saves floor footage. Opening up a space by removing walls is another great idea and one we have experience of.

Open plan living

Removing as many doors as possible within your house will give you an open plan living space that increases the sense of space and creates a free-flowing living environment. Just doors may not be enough. Adding a wall of light with bifold doors would be a great way of doing this.

Furniture choices

Adding something like a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf not only saves space but creates a focal point and tricks the eye into expanding the room by pushing the walls and ceiling out. Multi-functional furniture pieces like settles, ottomans and storage seats are perfect ways to hide away clutter. Any space-saving furniture is great. Things like stacking chairs or wheeled tables that can be pushed to where they are needed help de-clutter and provide more space.

An oversized mirror or sets of mirrors allude to space and add extra light into a room. Always avoid unnecessary frills! Ruffles on furniture and window treatments make a room seem busy. Stick to simple panels and lines to create a spacious effect.

Colour creates space

Using cool colours like a sky blue makes the walls visually recede. Even one focal wall of a cool colour can make a room seem bigger. Light, fresh colours and neutral tones make a space expand. They also create a blank background for artwork and patterned furniture so the overall effect is not busy or over-complicated.

Link adjacent rooms together using colour. This helps gives a linear flow to the decor of the house giving the impression of a bigger space. Whether you live in an apartment, bungalow, or house, use these clever tricks and make your home feel more like a mansion.

If you are looking for more space in your property in Mallorca then contact us and we will come and talk through what your wish list is. Our experience may be able to offer suggestions you have not considered.

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