Architecture with international standards

For many years and with a great selection of completed construction projects, Lifestyle Building Solutions in Mallorca is your reliable specialist for the planning and construction of villas and fincas on Mallorca. The conditions of our island make it necessary to take a special look at the building physics and provide advice for the respective building project. This is why our team of highly qualified experts and architects communicate effectively with our clients.
Construction quality and access to many years of valuable experience enable precise budget planning and optimisation of operating costs. This gives our customers security and confidence in the joint construction project. The focus is on your wishes, safety aspects, long-term use and the demands of our upscale clientele in terms of comfort and quality.

At a glance: Architecture 

  • Pre-construction assessment: determination of technical and economic materials
  • Preparation of a planning concept/draft planning
  • Creative consulting/design
  • Visualisation of your construction project
  • Preparation of construction drawings and construction input plans
  • Detailed planning/works planning
  • Analyse and consultation of building physics characteristics for your building project according to the conditions on Mallorca (dew point / heat / cold / passage calculations)
  • Preparation of templates and applications for approvals, permissions and licences
  • Negotiations with building authorities and city architects
  • Statistical calculations

Frequently Asked Questions

We are specialists in the planning and construction of houses, fincas and villas in Mallorca. The conditions on our island require special considerations of building dynamics during the pre-construction assessment and provide advice for each project. The temperatures, dew points and also the transit calculations on Mallorca vary widely to other countries. Furthermore, the applications and templates required for the building permissions by the local authorities differ. Lifestyle Building Solutions will take over the legal issues with the building authorities, ensuring the build process runs smoothly. Relax and rely on our decades of experience.

Here at Lifestyle Building Solutions guarantee that we will fully support you beyond the conception phase. The construction of a villa, finca or a house on Mallorca requires special expertise, which our team place at your disposal throughout the build with our many years of experience.

We work with you from the beginning of the project and lay the foundation for highest quality already in the construction process phase. Our architects and engineers place construction quality and cost security as priority. Our professional team will work with you step by step to clarify the planning of your dream property and can encompass your wishes and ideas.

Our houses are characterized by an innovative construction technique. Modern townhouses, elegant villas and fincas determine the core of our refurbishment portfolio although we also work on apartments too.

Our unique selling point is the international building quality, which is very strongly based on the EU building standards. Therefore, we guarantee the creation of real value in the form of timeless real estate. In addition, our projects are realised with our own team of architects in Palma.

In order to offer you the maximum comfort and security we take advantage of multiple technological developments. Whether it is access control or intelligent building automation we combine the highest quality with state-of-the-art technology.