With a passion for gardens and many years experience we offer a complete garden design service, we look at every detail and keep in mind the “al fresco” lifestyle of Mallorca, outdoor living is equally important as in the home. With a passion for gardens and many, many years of practical experience we are able to offer the complete garden design and maintenance.

Pool Maintenance

Poor maintenance upkeep of your swimming pool is more important than just keeping it looking nice I badly maintained Paul can be dangerous and bacteria levels can be harmful especially to children, here infections are a big problem with Paul’s

Our pool cleaners will insure the correct chlorine and pH and alkaline levels are all correct the secret to a healthy pool is regular routine care by our team

Garden maintenance

Our talented team deliver garden landscaping services,  the best in Mallorca can work with you on garden design and construction and our property care services staff will make sure your greenery thrives. No matter what the type of garden you have, we will keep it healthy and gorgeous. Our gardeners pay special attention to the particular watering and nutritional needs of your plants, and of course lawn cutting and weeding a standard services. Contact us to discuss your specific gardening needs or any of our property maintenance services