Property Refurbishment in Mallorca 

Why refurbish a property? The advantage of refurbishing a property simply put is that it can be much cheaper than buying another. Quite often the location of your property in Mallorca is ideal, it just requires modernisation. At Lifestyle Building Solutions, we have access to a specialised department of planners and master craftsmen with many years of experience in the field of renovation. Small scale refurbishments are welcomed just as much as large scale conversions. Our team will work out the optimal solution for: a new room layout, including adaptation of the window and door openings; the installation of modern heating and ventilation techniques; renewal of electrical installations and planning, organization and implementation. Interior fittings such as fitted kitchens, furniture, decoration and curtains – right up to and including the renewal of the pool area and the creation of the garden – can be realised on request.

At a glance: Property Refurbishment 

  • Checklist and inventory
  • Checking the building substance
  • Preparation of the work and execution planning
  • Obtain any necessary building applications and obtaining official approval
  • German building quality during conversion
  • Deconstruction work and gutting of the old stock – Preparation of construction drawings and building application plans
  • Construction of the new interior and exterior walls according to planning
  • New building technology (electrical, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary installation)
  • Installation of new windows / new interior fittings
  • New facade surfaces (design, insulation)
  • Laying new floor and wall coverings (tiles, natural stone, wooden planks or other)
  • Installation of furniture, kitchen and decoration

Frequently Asked Questions

The demand on a residential / holiday property has changed – the mostly small rooms, kitchens and bathrooms must give way to spacious feel-good baths, kitchens and bedrooms with a dressing area and much more. The building systems are no longer up to date or, as in the case of heating systems, are often not available at all, or inadequately available. Property styles are contemporary with indoor and outdoor spaces have seamless connections and sustainability is a key reason for refurbishment.

Whether it is a full-scale building refurbishment including structural reform, or just a new kitchen or bathroom, it is popular now to re-invest in your property. It is likely to be cheaper than trying to sell your existing home and buy another too. Sustainability is a key reason to update a property so that it functions optimally.

A large part of the attention when purchasing an existing property or a undertaking a refurbishment lies in that parts of some of the older properties are not legal under today’s general regulations. The examination of all legal building conditions is an important part of our analysis when quoting for a refurbishment. The results of the evaluations are incorporated into the overall planning, so that a modern, fully legal renovated house is created.

Refurbishment of older buildings, e.g. agricultural buildings, requires compliance with some strict draft laws. This concerns both the protection of historical monuments and the appearance of facades. In these cases, you can rely on our expertise to take care of any necessary building applications and obtain the official permits. Our in-house architects examine the building fabric and ensure transparent planning of the renovation and in working this way, we protect you against unpleasant surprises.

Simply put our style is your style. We take your property refurbishment ideas and wishes and create a fully legal and stylish property reform. Our team will work with you to agree styles, fixtures and fittings and present you with a stress-free updated property.