Key bathroom trends for 2021

The bathroom of any home is no longer the old and tired place it used to be. People have been looking at having ‘spa-like’ features in a bathroom now and it is one of the key rooms checked out when people are buying a property. Here are a few of the key trends for bathroom style in 2021:

Full Marble Walls

Adding a real touch of elegance, full marble walls add unique style. A dramatic black marble backsplash shows the power of using marble slab, creating visual dimension, and contrasts the pale marble for graphic impact. Colour combinations are endless here.

Multifunctional Enclosures

How beautiful is this? The rationale for the glassed-in space is simple: it stays warm and cozy, so getting out of the tub is never jarring. This wet room also offers double showers, meaning there is never any waiting. It also makes the room look timeless and very stylish.

Bringing the outdoors in

In Spain this has long been the case with other parts of a property and in some luxury properties this is a key feature to enhance relaxation. Dress with plants and let natural light flow in.

Tubs all the way

A freestanding tub is once again more common amongst luxury properties but wherever you live freeing your tub to become a centrepiece for bathroom is practical as well as elegant. Tubs come in so many shapes, sizes and colours to your bathing space can be unique to you.

Home Spas

Who would say no to this? With lockdown in place we need to make the most of our home life and this is one area that would be used by many a spa-lover.

Colour is back

Ceramics have advanced so now there is no need to stick to standard white. It you are feeling creative in your space colour is one of the key bathrooms trends of 2021 whether that is sanitary ware, bold wallpaper, bright walls or a combination of all of these.

If you are thinking of updating your bathing space then contact us. We are well versed in converting any space into something special.